Ingrid Marijcke Dümpel

© Miranda Birney
Ingrid Marijcke Dümpel was born in Surabaya, Indonesia. She moved to the Netherlands in 1964 and studied journalism at the University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht. She currently works as a freelancer for Indo European organizations, writing articles and interviews for Indo European magazines, such as “Moesson”. She also taught English literature as well as English and Indonesian in schools, colleges and universities. She dedicates herself to various literary projects, such as monologues based on stories of children and their relation to their parents and has also written children books (“Katek”, “Kantjil”). After she released an autobiographic collection of poems (“Paradijs, verloren en herwonnen”), she further translated Indonesian poems by Augus Sarajono into German (together with Berthold Damshäuser) and Frank Neijendorff’s biography into English. Some of her most important texts are written for radio and stage.