Dr. Harry Darsono

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Indonesia’s most famous fashion designer, Harry Darsono, Phd, born in 1950, conducted his fashion studies in prestigious institutions in Paris and London, reaching doctoral level in Humanistic Philosophy in Oxford. In 1974, he started his career as haute couture designer and textile artist. Since then, his textile designs have been marketed in Europe, Australia, USA and Asia. Not only a contemporary worldwide expert in the field of fashion, Darsono is nowadays also famous for his fine embroidery, hand-spun woven jewellery designs, trophy designs and novelty fabrics. In addition he is often involved with stage productions, providing stage designs as well as stage costumes. His comprehensive collections of artworks are preserved in numerous distinguished textile museums overseas as well as in Jakarta at the Harry Darsono Museum, which was inaugurated in 2001 and designed by the artist himself. Darsono himself is also academically active, working as a lecturer in fields of arts, design, and psychology in entrepreneurship. Furthermore, he’s chairperson of National Council for Vocational Education on Arts & Design.