Jamal D Rahman

© Jamal D Rahman
Jamal D Rahman works as a poet and is chief editor of the most leading Indonesian literary magazine Horison. His poems, essays, articles have been published in several books and his critical analysis on the Indonesian contemporary literature have been printed in the art columns in several Indonesian mainstream newspapers. As an active participant at cultural events, he took part in several discussions worldwide, like in Kuala Lumpur or Bremen. His poetry books, like for example Air Mata Diam (The quiet teardrops, 1993), Reruntuhan Cahaya (Ruins of Flames, 2003), have been translated into several languages like English, German, and Spanish. Beside his work as the co-editor of several books, especially those which are concentrated on critical modern Indonesian literature, he is also a Professor of Indonesian modern literary art at the Islamic Universities of Syarif Hidayatullah in Jakarta.