Retno Maruti

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Retno Maruti was born in Surakarta, Central Java and is famous for her traditional dancing. With her husband, who is also working as a dancer, she founded the dance studio Padnecwara in Jakarta 1976. Furthermore she works as a choreographer and pedagogue. With her modern interpretations of the traditional indonesian dance, people worldwide are excited about her performances. She has been already honored by the Academy of Jakarta for her lifetime achievement in arts and humanities. One of her dance performances is called Roro Mendut and sets in the century. This story is about the east javan Sultan Agung who conquered the small territory Pati. One of the prisoners is the beautiful, young girl Roro Mendut, who should marry the war hero Tumenggung Wiragurna. But Roro Mendut is already promised to the young Pranacitra and refuses to marry someone else. Retno Maruti creates a new Romeo & Juliet with dance, music, acting and singing.