Graham Hains

© Graham Hains
The photographer Graham Hains, born and grown up in Australia, started traveling around the world already as a child since his father was working in several countries (amongst them Malaysia and others). He completed his B.A. at the Photomedia Edith Cownan University in 1997. Later he studied at the Illinois State University Art Academy and spent an honors Year there at the ECU Faculty of Fine Arts in 1998. He was the winner of the City of Perth International Photography Prize in 1994 and 1997. His pictures were exhibited in many countries, in Berlin for instance at Gallery Bassenge, Altenburg Photographie Auktionen House, Another Country Bookshop Gallery, WallyWoods Gallery of Contemporary Art and Bago Gallery. Graham Hains currently lives in Jakarta. At the Jakarta Berlin Arts Festival Graham Hains will present his exhibition Faces of Jakarta. They range from a poor theatre director in his kampong house to a multi-millionaire in his mansion, with everything in between. In these casual portraits the people of Jakarta look you in the eye and say: “Saya tingal Jakarta (I live in Jakarta), and I am proud of it.”