Theatergruppe Sena Didi Mime

© Yayu AW Unru
The theatre group Sena Didi Mime was founded in 1977 by students of the Art High School Jakarta. The film actor, pantomime and acting teacher Yayu AW Unru has been member of the theatre for 25 years and for the past ten years he has been its director. Born in Makassar (Sulawesi), he has been living in Jakarta for more than 30 years. He acted in various film productions and in 2010 he took over the main character in the pantomimic version of Christoph Willibald Gluck’s opera Don Juan. In his pantomime he transforms daily life situations into themes of theater plays. His play Sapu Di Tangan (With the broom in the hand) the earth is nearly destroyed after an excessive production of garbage. Only few people survive in the garbage and all that each of them owns is a broom. They are used for sweeping the garbage and later also as arms and instruments. This pantomime play, highly praised by international critics, is acutely affectionate and comical but always interstratified by black humor.