Joni Ariadinata

© Joni Ariadinata
Joni Ariadinata was born in Majapahit Majalengka and works as author an editor. He published several short stories and along with Taufik Ismail he has been editor of various books like: Horison Sastra Indonesia 1-4 (The book of poetry) and Horison Essei Indonesia 1-2 (The book of essays). All these books are recommended for students of Indonesian modern literary. In 1994 and 1997, he was awarded for his short stories and gained an award from the Jakarta Art Board (Dewan Kesenian Jakarta) for his artwork, Keluarga Maling (The Theft Family). He was invited by the Winternachten Festival 2001 in The Hague, where he presented his short stories at reading sessions; they were subsequently presented also in Amsterdam and Paris. In 2005, he was assigned the prestigious literary award Pena Anugrah for his collection of short stories, Malaikat Tak datang di Malam hari (The Angel won't appear at night). This book further won another award from Hadiah Sastra Pusat Bahasa (literary prize from the Center of Language) in 2007.