Agus Nur Amal

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Agus Nur Amal was born in Weh Island (Aceh, Sumatra) and since his graduation at the Jakarta Institute of Arts he has lived in Jakarta as an actor and storyteller. His solo performance rooted from Acehness storytelling. He performed at different places in Indonesia and about various issues like politics, disaster, rural public health and cities audiences. For example, one of his play is called Hikayat Jendral Puyer Bintang Toedjoeh and is a story about a corruption in the military and fear about political upheaval in Aceh. His performances are based on poetry, short stories, novels, biographies and autobiography. Furthermore, he performed in Tokyo and Zurich and led workshops at different theaters. By means of house tools and the interaction of the audience he visualizes his stories. Since 2005, he has used his self-created TV Eng Eng as a small stage and was also screened in the national TV.